About Fuzerly

Fuzerly is a user-friendly design platform for fans like you to create and share the digital and physical content you’re craving.

Fuzerly was started by two hard-core fans of a ton of tv shows, musicians, athletes and comic books, who couldn’t find the right tools or asset libraries to create and share the memes and GIFs that they were dying to send to each other and post to their social media feeds.

We’ve developed this platform with a deep respect for the intellectual property rights of all of our content partners – those artists and stories you’re a fan of. By using Fuzerly, you’re helping to support these creators financially. Fuzerly is the only fan-generated content platform that properly compensates the creators for what they’ve worked so hard to create.

As a community, we’re all about empowering you to celebrate your fandom and be part of the visual conversation. We strive to deliver the moments you want from the content you love, and the tools you need to make your own GIFs, Memes, Fan Art, and Custom Merch and share them far and wide.

Fuzerly is intended to promote positivity, inclusivity, and the celebration of fandom. We’re committed to free speech and want to foster an environment of creative expression.

We won’t allow users to interfere with the enjoyment of other fans using the platform. This means no harassment, no discrimination, no abuse, no threats. Please check out our community guidelines for more on this. We don’t want to be cops, but hey, this is the internet and we’re trying to make this a great experience for everybody. So let’s all have some fun, spread the love, and make some Fuzes.